Digital Marketing Services: What And For Whom?

Digital marketing has become a jargon of the digitized world and everyone at present is either leveraging it or discussing its utility. Also, the industry of digital marketing has its well-defined niche where the fundamental requirement and strategies go beyond the basics and perform in an outstanding manner. Irrespective of the accessibility of the internet and social media channels at present, it is hard to believe that word of online users is exponentially increasing every day. Digital marketing services alludes to connect the users at their desired platform and at a very specific time.


Basically, the digital marketing company or professionals involved in digital marketing are highly considerable for utilizing the channels and generating lead through them. It is further enhanced by creating brand awareness on product value through the digital channel. It includes-
● Company websites
● Search engine rank
● Email marketing
● Corporate blog
● Social media platform

Earlier digital marketing company dealt with printing advertisements or modifying telephonic communication or physical marketing. The traditional procedure almost excludes email, social media, and websites on mobile-based marketing approaches.

Today’s digital marketing company in Kathmandu have created brand awareness and business value to a greater extent. Even it seems that every online business at present has its social media channel or website at least for communicating with their potential customers or users in general.


Social Media Marketing has become the most prominent tool for digital marketing nowadays. It is due to the rise in the number of audiences on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. With the increase in the sale of smartphones, internet connections, etc. more and more people are joining social media now. Social media marketing is the promotion of a website, product, or service in various social media platforms with interactive posts, creating online contests, setting trends, and so on. With each passing day, social media is becoming highly evident for both practitioners and researchers. 

The majority of the social media platforms have predefined data analytics tools that help companies to track progress, success, and engagement of data. Companies generally have a range of stakeholders through social media marketing. It includes potential customers, employees, bloggers, influencers as well as the general public. Social Media marketing needs consistency, creativity, and awareness. The employees that work with Madani Technologies pay attention to all the events that happen worldwide. They focus on the events that are related to the people in our country. Madani, a digital marketing company works hard to formulate social media content that can attract people. There is a team of experienced social media marketing experts to serve you with the best in the market campaigns.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is done to improve the visibility of a website on search engines. There are so many websites all around the world and there are some of them that are available on the first page of search results when we enter popular keywords. SEO includes sets of activities that improve the rank of a website on SERPs. There are activities like backlink increasing which is done by submitting your website onto different online directories. These backlinks improve the visibility of the website. 

Every search engine has its algorithms and those algorithms are understood by the SEO experts. The activities are done in order to satisfy the things which are stated in them. Directory submissions, Video Submissions, Answer submissions or Keywords are inserted in the articles. There are many things which can be done to make a page more SEO optimized. Article writing can also be optimized to be more visible on the search engines. Madani Technologies provides SEO services in Kathmandu. There are SEO experts who are aware of all the latest trends in SEO. Most of the companies want to get SEO done for their websites and there are not so many good options available which know about all the latest techs.


This is related to digital marketing, in this along with increasing the visibility the team also works on promoting the content and website on the search engine. Search Engines are growing in market places. It is important to list the business on search engines and then promote it to the top so that people who search can reach the website. There are many activities that can be done to improve the ranking on the search engine business listings and they are understood by the Search Engine Marketing experts at Madani Technologies

Google is the leading marketplace for all kinds of business and there are many things that have to be done in order to keep a high ranking on their list. Google ranks on the basis of user reviews, pictures uploaded, etc. These activities have to be done very precisely and reviews should be posted regularly and should be genuine. It is a task that requires great knowledge of the search engine algorithm and the requirements of the users. Madani Technologies is a top digital marketing company in Kathmanduand has big clients. All the clients who took the services have seen great growth in the number of customers who have come to them from search engines.


Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click, both the terms are used for internet advertising and marketing. The main function of this digital marketing tool is to drive maximum traffic to websites. Here an advertiser pays a publisher or the website owner whenever a visitor clicks an ad on that website. This is a win-win situation for both the advertiser as well as the website owner. If the visitor clicks the ad, the money goes in the hand of the website owner, and clicking the ad means going to the website of another brand which helps in creating a brand presence and also attracts lots of consumers. Digital marketing services in Kathmandu have tough competition among each other. 

Madani Technologies has managed to outshine themselves with their amazing pay per click advertising strategies and profitable choice of a marketing tool for websites. As fas as Pay per click advertising is concerned, it can be linked with top search engines such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads. They display banner ads on the websites. There are many social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter which have implemented the idea of Pay Per Click advertising and have succeeded in it.


Link building is a rigorous process that includes getting other websites to link back to your website. Every marketer or business owners wishes to get the maximum popularity of his/her website. Link building is an impressive tool for making it happen. Here the question arises why invest time in building links? It is evident that in the technological world time is an exclusive and valuable resource. Marketers should only invest in those things that can give benefits to the company.

Link sharing is such a tool which gives maximum benefits with fewer efforts. The algorithms of Google are complex and too hard to decode. Also, it keeps evolving and changing with time. It may be possible that tools become old or of no use to the website. In this scenario, backlinks are one of those tools which are not only important for the search engine to determine ranks but also decide what rank will be given to what page according to the keywords. Link building is an integral part of SEO. Links signify that the site is of optimum quality and resource worthy of citation. Thus, sites that have more backlinks can result in earning high rankings. But, stuffing of links may create a negative impact too.


Many marketers interchange the terms of online writing and SEO copywriting. But if one looks closely, they will find that SEO copywriting is rather a subset and a specialized form of online writing. It works with the aim of ranking the page higher as well as gaining a good audience for the website. Generally, it contains key phrases which are the most common words which any user types in a search box related to the niche of the company or website. 

Other than that, SEO copywriting also helps in creating a higher rank for online content in search results in various search engines, especially Google. It attracts quality traffic. Quality traffic means users who genuinely benefit the company either by purchasing products or services, reading blogs, spending time on the website and so on. SEO copywriting should not be mixed with quality writing as one is related to creating content while another one signifies marketing. Madani  is the only digital marketing company in Bangalore which has a clear picture of these two and has an expert team for providing SEO copywriting services. Creating a website with rich SEO content and good keyphrases can help the company to get success in leaps and bounds. 

Our Content and Copy Writing Services

Content writing is a very important aspect of digital marketing. There are many methods to market anything digitally and content writing is something which is used in all of them. There is something known as content marketing which is getting popular as people understand it’s benefits. Content writing can be used with SEO activities to get better results. It is better to choose the best among the pool of so many digital marketing companies. Madani is the best digital company  and it has the best content writers. Content writers need to understand the way keywords are made and used. Madani Technologies has content writers that are skilled and experienced. They know about all the latest trends in digital marketing and they can provide the clients with content that is of high quality.

Good content can attract more customers than anything else and there are chances that people will share it too. Content writing services are very important for any enterprise nowadays. Any digital marketing company  can provide normal digital marketing services. Madani Technologies, on the other hand, provides expert digital marketing solutions because of a highly qualified team. Enterprises can gain the best out of their digital marketing campaigns with the best content writing service in town.